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Well, YtoMp3 is good to introduce such platform which will give you the shortest way to have the youtube to mp3 converter from mp4 or video. As sometime it become very tough to have the right link of your desired mp3 this you can convert here free and mostly easy way. Just copy a video link and paste here to have the result. You may think that why you should do so when there are so many result could be found in a search only but there are so many irritation you already found in the local links who never offer any download link directly rather they show so many links and sometime it becomes so tough to find out which one is real one to download the expected songs. To avoid all these unexpected irritation, you can check out our converter links by which you will have your desired songs converted from youtube or others video. This is better to say again that these all you will have in a free and easy way. Just you have copy the video link and paste in the mentioned or indicated box and thats all you have to do and then you can download your songs. As the songs are one of the best source of entertainment in this time and Internet somehow is the only source of to have your favorite song and thats why you are barely bound to make search in the online